Coaxial feeder cable for RFID reader antenna connecting

Coaxial feeder cable for RFID reader antenna connecting,1m 3m 6m 12m 15m optional,100m/rool optional



Coaxial feeder cable for RFID reader antenna connecting1m, 3m, 6m, 12m, 15m optional 100m/rool optional


Cable Construction
No Material Dimensions
1、Inner Conductor Bare Copper  Ф1.40±0.01mm
2、Dielectric PE  Ф4.80±0.10mm
3、Braid) CCA(16*8*0.12/25)mm Ф5.35±0.10mm
4、Jacket) Polyvinyl chloride PVC Ф7.20±0.15mm
 ( Mechanical Characteristics and electrical performance parameter )
1、Impedance 50±2Ω(Ohms)
2、Capacitance 96±2PF/M
3、Velocity 66%
4、Peak Power 1.8KW
5、Jacket spark (V,RMS) 3000V
6、Inner Conductor Dc resistance ≯27.11ohms/1000m
7、OuterConductor Dc resistance ≯25ohms/1000m
8、(GHz)cutoff Frequency 15G
9、OperatingTemperature ºC -20~70ºC
10、Min Bend Radius 50mm
11、Pull strength of the insulation 3~6lb/in
12、Sheath of the drawing force 3~8lb/in
13、jacket-Marking SYV-50.5 coaxial cable 001m
14、Reel Length 200M/axis
15、(>dB)(Screening attenuation) 90
16、VSWR 5~3000MHZ <1.2
Typical attenuation of sea level at 20 °C
Frequeney Attenuation(dB/100m)
100 9.03
400 18.9
900 22
1500 29.2
1800 39.6
2500 44.6
3000 53.2
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