UHF Rfid Reader Module HF RFID Module CL7206E1

Handheld RFID Reader integration
Integrated RFID Reader
RFID Tag Writer
RFID embedded equipment such as Tag Printer,  ATM, anti-counterfeiting equipment, identification system equipment, WMS system channel equipment and so on, intelligent mobile phone, handheld terminal, desktop reader, industrial control device and so on.


  • Support ISO/IEC14443A and ISO/IEC15693 protocol.
  • Support UART interface, baud rate support 9600~230400bit/s
  • Support 3.3V~5.5V power supply.
  • Antenna and HF module integrated can be extended with extra antenna.
  • Support reading distance 0~100mm (Mifare1 S50 White card)
  • Integrated the operation command of ISO14443A logic security card and CPU card, such as Mifare UltraLight, Mifare1 S50, Mifare1 S70, Mifare PLUS, Mifare Desfire etc.
  • Integrated the operation command of ISO15693 protocol as NXP I-Code SL2 ICS20 etc.
  • Mini size assembling



1.1 Technical parameter

Power consumption Idle current: 2mA/DC 3.3V, 2mA/DC 5.0V

Reading tag Current: about 80mA/DC 3.3V, about 90mA/DC5.0V

Working frequency 13.56MHz
Reading distance 0~100mm (Mifare1 S50 white card)
Interface UART
Data communication rate UART:9600~230400bit/s
Support card’s type Mifare UltraLight, Mifare1 S50,Mifare1 S70, Mifare PLUS, Mifare Desfire etc meeting ISO14443A’s logic encryption card and CPU card, meeting the standard of ISO15693.
Physical feature Size (including antenna): 25mm * 16mm * 6mm
Environment Working temperature: -20℃~70℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃

Humidity: relative humidity 5%~95%

1.2 IO PIN interface

PIN Symbol Type Description
CN1-1 VCC PWR Power plus end, module power supply by DC:3.3V~5V
CN1-2 RXD Input UART Receive end
CN1-3 TXD Output UART Sending end
CN1-4 GND PWR Power negative end

Note: Square bonding pad is the first pin

1.3 Typical application

The module CN1 interface can be used for UART communication with the host.


The host provides UART interface with module, and communicates with the module through UART port. The maximum cold start time of this module is 200ms.

1.4 Absolute Rating

 Parameter Min Max Unit
Working temperature -20 70
Storage temperature -45 85

1.5 DC data

Environment temperature: -20℃~+70℃.

 Parameter Condition Min Typical Max Unit
Power current of normal working Vcc=3.3V, power on and start read demand 60 85 90 mA
Power current in sleep mode Vcc=3.3V, run sleep mode 2 mA
Power current of normal working Vcc=5V, power on and start read demand 64 90 95 mA
Power current in sleep mode Vcc=5V, run sleep mode 3 mA



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