Baby Goat® 3 Follow-on Milk

Baby Goat® 3 Follow-on Milk

It is meticulously prepared with the fresh and full-fat milk of the goats carefully raised in our own farm. It has been developed by taking into account the nutritional needs of children aged 1-3 years. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy development of babies.



Preparation of

Prepare Baby Goat® 3 Follow-on Milk when you are going to feed your baby.

Wash your hands. Clean the bottle, bottle cap and pacifier and boil for at least 10 minutes.

Boil the drinking water and let it warm (up to 40-45 oC).

Measure and pour the required amount of water (see Sample Feeding Table) into a sterilized bottle.

Fill the measuring spoon with Baby Goat® 3 Follow-on Milk and scrape off the excess from the spoon.

Add to the sterilized water in the bottle and shake. Add 1 spoon (4.3g) powder for every 30 ml of water.

Check the temperature of Baby Goat® 3 Follow-on Milk before feeding your baby.

Nutrition instructions

Do not add extra scale powder or any other nutrients into the milk you have prepared.

Failure to comply with the specified preparation and storage conditions is harmful for the baby’s health.

Prepare the bottles and pacifiers as indicated.

Follow the instructions given exactly.

Do not reuse leftover drink.

Storage Conditions

Store unopened boxes in a cool and dry place. Make sure that you close the lid of the box you have opened so that the box is not airtight after each use. After opening the box, consume within 4 weeks. Do not keep the cans in the refrigerator.

Sample Nutrition Chart

Age (Month)                      Between the ages of 1-3

Boiled Warm Water (ml)        240

Scale Number                           8

Number of Meals per Day       4

This table is for guidance. Your baby may need more or less than the amounts specified. Follow your doctor’s advice in this regard. The amount of milk prepared may be slightly more than the added water.


Breast milk is the ideal food source for babies and should be used as the sole food source for the first 6 months. Baby Goat® 3 Follow-on Milk cannot be used instead of breast milk during the first 6 months after birth. Baby Goat® 3 Follow-on Milk is suitable for use as a part of a balanced diet and diet for children aged 1-3 years. The decision to start complementary feeding should be made by a healthcare professional who specializes in maternal and child nutrition, in line with your baby’s growth and development needs.

Energy and Nutritional Values

Energy and Nutritional Values


In 100 g powder

In 100 ml ready nutrition

Energy kcal 515 67
kJ 2154 280
Oil g 26,3 3.4

Saturated Fatty Acids

g 10.2 1.32


g 54.2 7
Protein g 15.5 2
Vitamin A µg-RE 558 72
Vitamin D3 µg 7 0.9


µg 450 58
Riboflavin µg 891 115


µg 5600 720

Pantothenic Acid

µg 2900 380
Vitamin B6 µg 349 45
Biotin µg 19 2.5

Folic acid

µg 65 8.4
Vitamin B12 µg 1.5 0.2
Vitamin C mg 76 9.8
Vitamin K µg 54 7
Vitamin E mg a-TE 11.6 1.5


mg 155 20


mg 597 77


mg 590 76


mg 597 77


mg 62 8


mg 7 0.9


mg 3.9 0.5


µg 380 49


µg 68 8.8


µg 9 1.2


µg 61 7.9


mg 10 1.36


mg 36 4.6


mg 99 12.8


mg 44 5.7