Vehicle Management Linear Polarization RFID Antenna CL7205L

Vehicle Management Linear Polarization RFID Antenna CL7205L

Specialized original appearance designed for Vehicle management, Linear polarization,high-end UHF RFID Antenna, high gain but low standing-wave ratio brings best performance. Engineering plastic housing, rugged construction, high protection level for wide using with our CL7206C2/C4/C8 split-type fixed reader, such as ETC, parking management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, traffic analysis  etc.
  • Frequency: 840MHz~960MHz
  • Gain: 12 DBi




  • Low profile with high gain,reading distance range up to 20m
  • Maximum efficiency and performance across the entire frequency band
  • Seamlessly compatible with different brand RFID readers


Physical / Environmental Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x D) 600mm×180mm×55mm
Weight 0.6KG
Radome Material Aluminum +ABS
Sealing IP66
Connector type / position:  N female or Customizable
Mounting Bracket
Operating Temperature -40 – +85°C
Storage Temperature -40 – +85°C
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range 840MHz~960MHz
Polarization Horizontal
Far-Field Gain 12 dBi
H sideBeamwidth 50°
E sideBeamwidth 70°
Typical VSWR VSWR≤1.3
Nominal Impedance 50 (Ω)
Maximum Input Power 100W
Lightning Protection DC to ground


  • Widely used in ITS / ETC, access control, vehicle management ,etc.