2-Port UHF RFID Module CL7206D2

2-Port UHF RFID Module CL7206D2

The CL7206D2 module is a miniaturized UHF RFID reader. The core component adopts R2000 as the core platform. R2000 is a high-performance and highly integrated reader IC, integrating functions such as analog radio frequency front end and baseband digital signal processing module,etc.The user only needs to do power processing on the basis of the module, which can be easily controlled through the API function library, suitable for the development of various application scenarios.

  • Frequency: 865-928MHz Adjustable
  • Gain: 0~30dBm





  • UHF RFID Transceiver
  • Frequency range: 840MHz – 960MHz
  • Power consumption: 650mA @ +27dBm
  • +5V single supply operation
  • ISO 18000-6B, EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C support
  • Decoding: FM0, Miller 2/4/8
  • package:47.5mm x 45mm x 3.9mm
  • Fully interoperable in different global regulatory environments such as US, EU, GB
  • Data rate: 40k ,160k,320k, 400k


Model No. CL7206D2
Chip IMPINJ Indy R2000
Dimensions(L*W*H) 47.5mmx45mmx3.9mm
Power Supply DC3.7V~6V
RF Conntector 2*Surface mount solder
Protocol ISO/IEC18000-6B,6C / EPC Global C1 Gen2, C2 GEN2 optional
Frequency 865-928MHz Adjustable
Output Power 0~30dBm
Interface Connector Surface mount solder
Communication Interface TTL UART Interface


  • Handheld RFID Reader integration
  • Split-type Fixed RFID Reader integration
  • Integrated RFID Reader
  • RFID Tag Writer
  • RFID embedded equipment such as Tag Printer, ATM, anti-counterfeiting equipment, identification system equipment, WMS system channel equipment and so on, intelligent mobile phone, handheld terminal, desktop reader, industrial control device and so