UHF RFID Desktop Reader/Writer with USB type C CL7206A2

UHF RFID Desktop Reader/Writer with USB type C CL7206A2

CL7206A2 is a neat and tiny desktop RFID reader&writer, portable with small size, fit for production line and work station management, access control, library management. It’s widely used for tag’s reading, writing, authorizing and format operation.

12m long reading handheldlight 0.2kg 12m long reading handheldRead Range:0-10cm, Writie Range:0-5cm
12m long reading handheldUSB plug & play lower cost & stanle performance
  • Frequency:  FCC, ETSI, CN, RU, KC Optional
  • Power Supply:  DC 5V/500mA





  • Phychips PR9200 offer lower cost & stanle performance
  • Delicate and compact design, more friendly with end users
  • Compactly Integrated design supports better deploy / installation / engineering / wiring
  • Direct useable fast tag writing software greatly improves efficiency
  • USB plug & play
  • Simply switch between two working modes, USB read/write mode / USB HID keyboard output mode
  • Specially designed antenna, realize no signal blind area
  • Widely used in working station, date issuing, retail casher, check points, access control, etc



API Support Windows platform – .net
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 90mm (Dia)* 7mm(H)
Weight 0.2Kg
HousingMaterial Die-cast aluminum / ABS cover
Visual Status Indicator Power, Status
RFID Characteristics
Air Protocol ISO/IEC18000-6C / EPC C1Gen2
Chipset Phychips PR9200
Frequency USA: 902 MHz-928MHz (FCC part 15)
EU: 865-868MHz (ETSI EN 302208)
CN: 920-925MHz (CMIIT)
Supportable /optional Russian / Japan / Korea /

Malaysia / Thailand / other customizable

Output Power 20dBm-25dBm (±1dBm)
Channel bandwidth <200KHz
Reading&Writing Range Reading Range:0-10cm    Writing Range:0-5cm

(According to Tag & Environment)

Working Mode USB read/write mode, USB HID keyboard output mode
Communication USB
Integrated antenna Circular antenna
Power supply DC 5V/500mA
Operating Temp. -20 – +70°C
Storage Temp. -40- +85°C
Humidity 5-90% non-condensing (+25℃)


Production line management
* Intelligent sorting productsIn order to strengthen the effective monitoring of the production quantity and quality of the products, and make the unqualified products can be sorted out accurately;To reduce manual operations and improve work efficiency, you can consider connecting to the intelligent production line management system.It can correct errors in time, greatly increase the pass rate of products, and greatly improve the company’s operating efficiency.
Asset management
* Asset and inventory checkingThe RFID asset management platform enables each asset of the enterprise to be recorded, tracked in place, fully utilized, and reasonably allocated. All assets can be deployed in a unified manner, distributed management, and centralized monitoring to achieve visual and transparent asset management and real-time and accurate financial statistics. The assets are waste of resource allocation.
Vehicle management:
* ETC / automatic vehicle weighingElectronic toll collection, ETC, through ETC can provide pass rates, prevent traffic congestion caused by tolls, and effectively curb toll evasion, toll collectors cheating for personal gains, etc., and reduce management costs. RFID intelligent vehicle weighing management, automatically records vehicle license plate number, weight information, time information, eliminates human error, prevents vehicle jams, weighing cheating, etc., and reduces economic losses.